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6) Fitness For Weddings. The Only Diet Created Specifically For The Bride To Be.

7) WeightLoss EBook(R) :Negative Calorie Foods. Popular Weight Loss Program. 3 Diet Plans, 150 Recipes With Negative Calorie Foods! Pictures Of Negative Calorie Foods.

8) Weight Loss Gods Way. Stop Dieting - Renew Your Mind And See Your Body Transformed Forever!

9) Anne Collins Weight Loss Program. High Converting Healthy Weight Loss Diets & Motivational Support.

10) Gluten Free Club Membership Site. Private Membership For Gluten Free Diets & Celiacs.

11) Forget Calories! (tm. Introducing A Diet That Will Blow Your Mind. Read It And Find Out.

12) The Raw Secrets. The Most Complete Book On Living On An Optimal Raw Food Diet For Better Health.

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14) Right Brain Diet. Erase Unsightly Pounds And Acheive Optimal Health Naturally.

15) Grooming Secrets For Men. The Ultimate Guide For Men - Skin Care, Shaving, Body Hair Trimming, Diet, Exercise - Loaded With Lots Of Tips For Men To Help Them Look Their Best.

16) Simply Eat! The Easiest Diet In The World -- Makes Any Diet More Effective, Guaranteed.

17) Get This Off My Chest Now System. The #1 Internet Authority On Getting Rid Of Man Boobs... Without Gut-wrenching Diets... Hours In The Gym... Or Pills. High-Conversion.

18) Government Dieting Secrets. Finally Revealed! The Long-suppressed Truth About Legalized Poisons In Your Food, Making Your Family Sick And Obese.

19) Foolproof 30 Day Diet. The Fastest Way To Lose Weight - Guaranteed!

20) The Hospital Diet. Increase Metabolism And Lose Min. 10 Lbs. In 13 Days. Professionally Tested And Developed. Guaranteed Weightloss. *Google Sales Tracking.

21) Scarsdale Low-Carb Diet. This Is The Last Diet Youll Ever Need! 100% Guaranteed! CB Only!

22) Easy-Does-It Diet. Cookbook With Easy Frozen Diet Meals. Less Money, More Taste.

23) FreshStart Online Weight Loss Hypnosis. Weight Loss? Diet? This Program Ensures You Stick To Any Diet - Amazing! Best Site.

24) Lillie's Souper Weight Loss Plan. Quickly Lose 11 - 45 Lbs. No Dieting, No Hunger, No Pills, No Drugs!

25) Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb Diet! Brand New Model Of Human Motivation Helps Dieters Stick To Their Diets!

26) The Mediterranean Diet. Safe, Easy, Achievable, Healthy Diet & Recipes. Centuries Of Verification And Its Tasty. Also Known As The Heart Diet Or Cancer Diet And Is Currently One Of The Most Respected Diets Known Today.

27) The Fat To Fit - Diet And Weight Loss Workout. Complete Diet, Exercise And Fitness Training Workout Program. Full Client Support,lowest Returns!

28) The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet. Ten Simple Secrets To Harmonize Your Body With The Earth And Increase Your Energy And Vibration In 30 Days!

29) Real People Dont Diet! Dieting Is Deprivation And It Just Doesnt Work For Long-term Weight Loss. Instead, Learn How To Trick Your Brain And Be Satisfied Each Time You Eat, Even As You Lose Weight With Every Bite.

30) Donate Your Weight. Donate Your Weight Is The Stress-Free Program To Stop Dieting, Get Slim And Help Others While Doing It. It Includes Behavior Modification, Hynosis And Affirmations For Permanent Lifestyle Change.

31) FreshStart Online Weight Loss Hypnosis. Weight Loss? Diet? A Great Converter. Quality Supported Site With Audio!

32) Yoga Weight Loss Secrets. Natural, Sustained Weight Loss Based On Yoga, Meditation And Vegetarian Diet. EBook(R) With Complete Instructions.

33) Real Dogs Dont Eat Kibble! This Book Is About The Natural Raw Diet For Dogs And Why It Should Be Fed To Create Optimal Health For Your Dog. Good Book To Promote Due To Pet Food Recall!

34) The Skinny Snob. The Incredible New Diet Program Used By Celebrities And Beautiful People Everywhere. Guaranteed Results In Only 28 Days. On Sale.

35) How To Do The Raw Food Diet With Joy. Health, Energy, And Success For You With A Flexible Living Food Diet. 230 Page Book, With 26 Raw Recipes!

36) Vegetarian Diet Info. Diet And Weight Loss Advice For Vegetarians.

37) The Ultimate Fat Burning Diet Primer. Lose Weight Without Starving! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Great Conversion Rates For Affiliates!

38) CarbTrack. Low Carb Diet Tracking Software Hot Seller In The Booming Low Carb Diet Market.

39) Flab Falls Off. A Health, Diet And Weightloss Website Aimed At The Overweight/obese Market. Unique In Addressing The Emotional Underpinnings Of The Overweight Condition. 50% Affiliate.

40) Top Quality, High Converting EBook(R)s. Earn Excellent Affiliate Income: Pets, Diets, Selling, More.

41) Build Amazing Abs, Fast. Martial Arts Secrets To Get Amazing Abs, Fast. Secrets Training Program And Unknown Exercises With Diet Plan.

42) Free Crickets For Your Lizard. The Solution For All Those Pet Lovers Whose Pets Eat Live Crickets As A Part Of Their Diet.

43) The 10 Day Easy Diet. Lose 10lbs In Just 10 Days Without Starving, Pills Or Complicated Exercise Routines.

44) How To Get A Bathing Suit Belly. Written By A Bariatric (weight Loss) Physician. Complete Program For A Better Tummy, Includes First 4 Steps To Take In The Next 5 Minutes. Covers Weight Loss, Diet, Exercises And Shapewear That Makes A Real Difference! Great Customer Satisfaction.

45) 2025 Diabetic And Dieting Recipes. Two Thousand Twenty-Five Mouth-watering Recipes For Diabetics, Dieters And Health Conscious. With A Full Featured Recipe Program.

46) The Incredible Credible Cosmic Consciousness Diet For Weight Loss And World Peace~. Its Not About Food. Its About The Ideas We Feed Our Mind That Become Reality.

47) Natural Weight Loss Diet & Fitness Guide. A Simple Woman Reveals The Secrets Of Losing Weight Naturally And Safely That No One Will Tell You About.

48) Burn Fat - Diets That Work. Dieting Striped Bare, No Fancy Meals, No Expensive Drugs. A Diet That Will Work Every Day Of Your Life.

49) How To Run A Marathon Within Six Months. How To Run A Marathon Within Six Months And Lose Over 47 Pounds Without Being On A Diet, Weight Loss, Exercise, Running E-book.

50) Ayhans Mediterranean Marketplace. Mediterranean Food And Diet Plans